Vice Mayor Ploog is a tireless advocate for balanced solutions to issues that are important to Sedona residents. I support her efforts to reduce the negative impacts of short-term rentals and OHV noise/volume. She has always been available to discuss my issues and is highly professional.

— Carl Jackson

Holli Ploog and Kathy Kinsella bring a sound knowledge of issues facing the City of Sedona and those who live here to their work on the City Council. They both take an active part in keeping the people of Sedona informed about issues coming before the City Council and activities sponsored by the City.

— John and Deborah Losse

Kathy and Holly share our values yet don't vote as a block which we like. They are relative new-comers compared with us and we admire their energy, expertise in civic matters and their enthusiasm. We appreciate that they support incremental progressive projects while trying to find a balance to keep residents feeling not so overwhelmed by Sedona have been found by the multitudes.

— Cheryl Fleet and Patricia Brooks

We have been strong supporters of their previous elections and believe that they have done a wonderful job in their respective roles during their years of service. We are excited at the possibility of them continuing their service on the City Council.

— Richard Kepple and Debra Stangl

I will be voting to reelect Holli Ploog and Kathy Kinsella to the Sedona City Council. I've known both Holli and Kathy since around the time they each arrived in Sedona and became involved in community work. They are hardworking, dedicated, and focused on the greater good for the entire community. Above all, they are level-headed and fair-minded and I've always trusted their judgment when it comes to City Council matters.

— Patsy Kimble Brunner

We are happy to endorse Vice Mayor Holli Ploog and Councilperson Kathy Kinsella for another 4 year term on City Council. They have shown over and over their well-considered judgement and willingness to listen to others' opinions about issues facing Sedona. They have proven their dedication to the betterment of Sedona by being fiscally responsible, personally accountable, and by seeking citizen input about controversial proposals.

— Sue and Tom Gould

Vice Mayor Ploog and Councilor Kinsella are extremely responsive, caring and dedicated Council members and community leaders. For years, they have worked tirelessly with myself and a group of Uptown residents listening to our concerns and evaluating the role the city can play to make the city safer from wildland fire threats. It was through their advocacy (and that of former Sedona Police Chief Husted) that the city engaged emergency response partners to create the city's first "All Hazards Roles and Responsibilities Evacuation Plan". This operational plan is serving as a "one city" model for other cities across the state and forms a new foundation for the city to continue to develop programs and initiatives that will make the city safer for years to come. In my opinion, there is no more important priority. Thank you Holli and Kathy for all you are doing and will continue to do over the next four years!

— Jen Farnsworth

Kathy and Holli are two of the most hard working and dedicated women I have known to serve on City Council.

During one City Council meeting I attended recently, the comments from people attending

lasted for close to six hours. The Council discussion of this issue started after 10 P M and lasted until 11 PM. No one complained and no one was cut short!

Having lived in Sedona for over 26 years, I have been to many City Council meetings as my husband served on City Council for 4 years. In my opinion, Kathy and Holli have more than earned the right to a second term.

— Karen Strauch

We are proud to endorse Holli Ploog and Kathy Kinsella for Sedona City Council. They have worked to achieve a balance of the interests of residents and business owners alike. They have tackled traffic problems and worked to create a beautiful Creek Walk Pedestrian Underpass at T'laquepaque. They have looked for solutions for the issue of affordable housing. They have created a City Marketing Department which has targeted specific spending for tourism. They deserve another term to finish the job they've begun.

— Heather and Jim Molans

We know both candidates to be caring, intelligent, well-informed individuals who have served our city well!

— Tanya Mayer and Paul Friedman

I am pleased to endorse both Holli and Kathy for a second term on Sedona City Council.

While I only agree with them about 92% of the time, the beauty is that they maintain independent analysis, evaluation, and their votes are not always in concert with each other, either. And, that's how an excellent Council ought to work!

What we can count on is that every Council Packet is thoroughly read, the options considered, the benefits to the city residents considered, and a thoughtful, rational judgement rendered. I don't believe we residents could find councilors with broader community backgrounds, with a better work ethic or personal character. Please return them both so the finishing touches can be placed upon what they have begun. Thank you."

— Ernie Strauch

We are listened to and provided sound thoughtful leadership with Holli and Kathy on City Council. We are so fortunate to have them.

— Margaret Joy Weaver

Over the past two years I have had the opportunity to observe the perspectives and agendas of both Holli Ploog and Kathy Kinsella. Their honest and pragmatic insight into our community's needs and problems, along with their willingness to examine the issues and listen closely to the public's questions and concerns sets them apart from other candidates. I encourage the community to strongly consider voting to re-elect Councilors Ploog and Kinsella, as I intend to do.

— Melissa Dunn

I appreciate collaborating with Kathy and Holli on council because they do the work, they are prepared, and I trust that they always have the best interests of the community at heart. I look forward to continuing to work with them.

— Brian Fultz

We support and endorse Holli Ploog and Kathy Kinsella for the position of Sedona City Council. They both have the knowledge and experience to lead our city with integrity.

— Bill and Loris Benson

I intend to vote for Holli Ploog and Kathy Kinsella for the Sedona City Council. It is my experience that they are sensitive to the needs of our town AND to the residents of Sedona, (those of us who actually LIVE here.) Managing a city is no easy feat, especially with the many challenges facing our town. Managing a tourist town like ours requires balancing the needs of the tourists, the businesses, AND THE LOCALS. I believe Holli and Kathy work hard to find that balance. They do their work and their research, and I find them to be an asset to city government.

— Shaeri Richards

Having been a former Mayor of Sedona for seven years, I am very aware of the time commitment and political pressure that goes along with serving on City Council.

Holli and Kathy have demonstrated that they listen to the will of the people, get educated on the issues and make their decisions based on the greater good of the community.

Those are the standards that measure the quality of our representatives in government.

Please join me in supporting these two candidates for a second term.

— Rob Adams
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